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Lilly & Cassidy

Lilly joined our team in 2008 as a result of several of us spotting an ad in the local paper.  She was then residing at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society, and had been found as a stray cat, with kittens.  Her kittens were adopted, but she continued to be at the Humane Society, perhaps many were afraid to adopt a completely blind cat.  Always up to a challenge, we added her to our team, and not only is she a wonderful attitude adjuster, but she continues to amaze us daily with her ability to compensate for her lack of visual ability.  Below is a picture of her with one of our extra-curricular projects, the Sweet Dreams & Good Food to Warm Hearts Cookbook.  Lilly can typically be found in our downstairs office with Lisa, Scott, and Karyn, but frequently patrols the building forcing affection on everyone liberally.  Her hobbies are keyboarding and bossing larger, better sighted cats around.


Lilly spends weekends and holidays with Rick & Lisa Kennedy and their cats, and after time, it became apparent that by Thursday, she was typically missing her weekend feline friends.  Then we spied Cassidy at Responsible Pet Care, another local shelter.  Cassidy had been brought to the shelter with an eye infection that was too far gone, and as a result of it, lost one of her eyes.  It seemed karma was telling us we needed to hire Cassidy, so we obeyed and added her to the EAB Inc. team.  Cassidy's hobbies include proving she can play more forcefully than that "other" feline and that one good eye is just as good as two bad, sounding like a horse when she follows folks down the upstairs hall, and living up to her nickname "Houdini Muffin-top" on Friday afternoons when it is crate time prior to heading home for the weekend.


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